Outdoor Escape Room

Amazing race meets escape room

Watch your team get ultra-competitive as they race outdoors in this escape game challenge.

Event Overview

This event takes the escape room concept out of the confines of a room and into the outdoors!  Think of it as an escape room meets amazing race (sounds pretty awesome right?)

​Work in teams of 3-6 to compete to be the first team to the finish line!  Each team will be given one of our seriously cool escape room boxes, that will have them racing on foot to find clues needed to solve the puzzles inside.  Using a mixture of locks, puzzles, lights, heat activated ink and all kinds of unexpected items, teams will be high-fiving, strategizing and experiencing a city in a whole new way!




Group Size: 10 - 200

Time Needed: 1 hour

Now For Kids!

Check out our kids version!

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