10 Unique Team Building Ideas Useful for Your Business

The way an office works is often compared to a well-oiled machine: each piece has to run smoothly and remain in its proper place, each cog moving in unison for the benefit of the business as a whole. Except, humans aren’t cogs, and our minds and bodies can’t handle the monotonous motions that mechanisms can do to perfection.

The way an office works is often compared to a well-oiled machine: each piece has to run smoothly and remain in its proper place, each cog moving in unison for the benefit of the business as a whole. Except, humans aren’t cogs, and our minds and bodies can’t handle the monotonous motions that mechanisms can do to perfection. 

Corporate workers need breaks from routine, and we don’t mean half-hour lunch breaks or awkward watercooler conversations. We mean breaks in routine that strengthen workers. We mean unique team building ideas. No, trust falling doesn’t count. Here are our top 10  unique team building ideas useful for your business. 

1: Winner/Loser

Don’t be discouraged by this exercise’s dichotomous title. Winner/Loser involves two players, wherein person A tells person B an unfortunate experience they had in the past. Person B meanwhile has to find the good that happened in Person A’s experience and give them a positive outlook on it. Think of it as a corporate-sponsored heart-to-heart talk. This exercise can foster trust and friendship better than trust falling ever could.

2: Minefield

Minefield involves tape, blindfolds, several toys, and some troublesome paperwork to avoid. Each team must direct a blindfolded person across a floor-taped section of the floor (marking the borders of the “minefield”) strewn with “mines” (paper) that they have to avoid, while also picking up toys/small objects along the way. Team members can only use their voice, forcing the blindfolded member to trust in their team member’s instructions. 

3: The Human Knot

This game combines both a quick sense of logic and willingness to get in each other’s personal space. Players stand in a circle, then grab the hands of a random person opposite of them. This leads to the titular “human knot” that they have to untangle in a short span of time. With proper teamwork, communication, and ingenuity, untangling yourself from each other should be a fun challenge.

4: The Helium Stick

No, this does not involve actual helium. The Helium Stick is a game where two teams of 4 or so members are given a light stick or rod-like object, maybe even your office’s curtain rod. Their task is to lower the stick as close to the ground as possible, using only each member’s index finger. Sounds simple? Imagine lowering your pen using your two index fingers. Are you doing it now? Is it difficult? Well, if it is, imagine doing it with a meter-long pen and five other people! This game fosters many emotions, but if one thing is guaranteed, it’s that it’ll be unforgettable. 

5: Two Truths and a Lie

Test how much you think you know about your peers. Each player takes turns telling three things about themselves; two of these things actually happened, while one of them is pure fabrication. Player A, for example, talks about the time they first caught a trout in a lake, the time they drove a taxi in New York, and the time they foiled a robbery using only a janitor’s mop.

Have fun mixing up your actual experiences with made-up ones, while also learning more about each other. In the example above, the other players now know that Player A likes to fish, has no driver’s license (they never went to New York either), and also took self-defense skills while working as an off-hours cleaner in Seattle. 

6: Human shapes

In this game, each team is divided into the “letters” and the guesser. The letter-people are given a word, such as “cat,” “pen,” or “Mitochondria,” which they then have to spell out using only their bodies. The guesser then has to find out what word their teammates are trying to spell out before the other team has to. The team with the most understanding of each other’s (literal) body language wins. 

7: Perfect Square

No one is perfect, but we can always try our best. First, a circle of rope tied end-to-end is put in the middle of all players. Then, they step back a few feet, put on blindfolds, then move forward with the goal of turning the circle into the perfect square, pulling the rope and cooperating with their coworkers. To make it more difficult, they can try making the square without talking to each other, or instead of a square, they have to form another shape, like a triangle, pentagon, or icosagon (okay, maybe not an icosagon, unless you have 20 or so players willing to go the extra mile.)

8: Penny Logo

It takes a lot of money to promote a logo, and in this team building activity, you can do so in the most literal metaphor possible. Gather each penny, quarter, or loose change that your team is willing to (temporarily) part with and create a new logo. It can be the logo of your department, the company, or even your team and/or friend group. This activity sparks creativity and encourages new ideas and cooperation. 

9: Escape Room Games

Escape rooms are gaining traction in the corporate world, as this activity instills both team bonding and useful office skills. By “trapping” your players in a room with several clues and enigmas, they have to cooperate, communicate, and think outside the box to solve the puzzle and “free” themselves together. By simulating a cathartic sense of freedom, Escape Room games can certainly release some much-needed stress while also improving coworker’s personal relationships.

10: The Spider Web

This activity requires organizational skills, ingenuity and a whole lot of rope. Create a spider web using the rope. You can tie it between two pillars, from the floor to the ceiling, etc., so as long as its perpendicular to the ground and doesn’t fall off. The web should have gaps big enough for people to pass through. The goal of this activity is to get each member through the web without touching the “poisonous” strands. However, each gap that a player passes through cannot be used by another player, so the team has to carefully pick which gaps they pass through. They can also help their fellow teammates into their gaps, lifting them up (literally and figuratively) and helping them get to the other side.

You can organize one of these activities yourself, or you can hire experienced corporate event planning companies to help you. All these activities can shake up your office’s monotonous routine and help improve workplace morale and interpersonal relationships.

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