5 New Chicago Nightlife Destinations

There's always new night life destinations opening up around Chicago, it can be hard to keep up with them all!

There's always new night life destinations opening up aroundChicago, it can be hard to keep up with them all! In case you've been lookingfor some fresh spots to add into your itinerary, here are five newestablishments that have been generating quite a buzz in the past few months.For more information on Chicago nightlife and experiencing it in the safest andmost convenient way, head over to Chitown PartyBuses.


Middle Brow Bungalow

2840 W Armitage Ave

How can you go wrong adding beerand pizza into the equation of a night out in Chicago? They have extremelyunique pizza choices like their butternut squash and salsa verde pie. There arealso vegan and vegetarian options for those who have special diets.


Twisted Hippo

2925 W Montrose Ave

Here's a new brewery near IrvingPark! It has all inclusive pricing that includes tip and tax, so there's noconfusion. If beer isn't your thing, there's a long list of cocktails to tryout as well. The artsy environment makes it a fun place to gather when you'rehaving an outing.


The Darling

905 W Randolph St

This cocktail bar has a speakeasyenvironment in a library setting. It makes it an interesting destination to addinto your itinerary after your escape room experience. Their creativity trulyshines through in their cocktail creations with options like the Botanical BeesKnees with earl grey gin, lavender, lemon, and tea bitters.


The Swill Inn

415 N Milwaukee Ave

Head over to the west side of townto enjoy the atmosphere, drinks, and food at this newer bar with a rustic andcomforting environment. Their signature burger has gotten a lot of ravereviews, and their selection of cocktails and beer are enough to warrant morethan one visit.


Brothers and Sisters

2119 West Chicago Ave

This spot in the Ukrainian Villagearea is a wine store, eatery, and market all in one.  With affordable prices and a range of highquality comfort food all day long, this can easily become one of your newfavorite places to visit with friends.

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