Book Escape Room Races for your next meeting or conference

Planning a conference or large meeting can be overwhelming.

Planning a conference or large meeting can be overwhelming. You’re responsible for organizing several days’ worth of activities, managing relationships with dozens of vendors and juggling hundreds of tasks in a short period of time. For some conference planners and event planners, the entertainment is an afterthought. However, the fun had at a conference party can be just as important as the conference itself. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Escape Room Races makes the perfect conference activity. It’s fun for your guests and easy for you to plan. Here are five reasons to book Escape Room Races for your next conference or meeting.

The space is ideal

Typically, our Escape Room Races events take place in hotel ballrooms or large event spaces, which makes our portable escape room the perfect activity for conferences and large meetings. We’ll set up “forensics labs” and “evidence stations” around the ballroom where participants can go to collect clues. We ask that you set up high top tables that guests can use to work out puzzles as they race to save the planet from alien invaders using the puzzles in their Escape Room Races boxes.

It’s great for large groups

Escape Room Races accommodates far more people than your typical escape room. Our escape room game allows for groups of up to 1,200 guests. Teams of 3 to 10 people will race to solve a series of puzzles before the other teams. Because guests are working in smaller teams, Escape Room Races offers a fun and interactive game no matter your group size.

You don’t have to bring anything

You have a million things to remember and to organize. Don’t let your pre-dinner or midday entertainment be an additional source of stress with 10 new vendors and multiple timelines to manage. With Escape Room Races, you’ll have one point of contact to set up the whole experience. All we need is a space and we’ll take it from there.

It’s an icebreaker for attendees​​

In addition to continuing education, people often attend conferences to network and conduct business. However, early in the conference, people don’t know each other and are looking to the midday and evening entertainment as opportunities to meet other conference attendees. The Escape Room Races activity is the perfect solution. You can assign people to teams or we’ll randomly group people into teams of 3 to 10 strangers who will need to interact during the game in order to compete. And rather than holding a drink and relying on small talk, guests will have an activity to focus on that will act as an icebreaker.

The competition is memorable

If you’re looking for unique conference activity ideas, Escape Room Races might be the perfect fit. While a flashy party with cocktails, a DJ and a photo booth is fun, the combination themed escape room and competitive race is unique, making the event — and your conference — memorable. It’s also a fun way for guests to unwind and blow off some steam after a busy day of lectures, seminars and meetings.

Though conference planning is incredibly stressful, planning the entertainment shouldn’t be. Contact Escape Room Races to learn how we can bring our game to your conference for a fun, memorable and stress-free event.

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