Corporate event trends coming to Leeds this year.

Leeds has tons to offer when it comes to corporate events. As one of the largest cities in the UK multiple companies are making the move up North. With a variety of eclectic meeting and event spaces, more and more companies are choosing Leeds as their meeting destination. As more demand makes its way to the North, new event trends are also popping up. Check out what everyone is talking about below.

4 Corporate event trends coming to Leeds this year.

When it comes to corporate event ideas in Leeds, there are a lot of options. As one of the largest cities in the UK, multiple companies are making the move up North, putting a high demand on unique event spaces and corporate experiences in Leeds.  With a variety of eclectic meeting and event spaces, more and more companies are choosing Leeds as their meeting destination.  

Some exciting new event trends are also popping up in Leeds and the surrounding areas.  Check out what everyone's talking about below.

Tech Tech and more Tech

Event technology has changed the Leeds corporate event industry in the last decade, dramatically.  With attendee registration softwares, interactive conference center maps and things as simple as attendee DIY name badge printers - we’ve seen a lot in 2019.  Here are a few interesting tech trends we will see: 

  • Industry influencers will be doing play by play commentary at events.  Imagine your group doing a team building event and an industry influencer walking around commenting on everything, streamed live for your event attendees or anyone else at your company to see.  Events are no longer just for attendees, technology allows us to expand the experiences to the entire company or even industry if we want!
  • Facial Recognition.  Crazy - I know, but imagine an event where you literally just walk in.  No long check in lines, less planners sitting behind registration desks all day.  This technology offers some pros and cons and is still in the works, but it's coming.
  • Better interactive maps right on attendees’ phones. The large convention halls and conference facilities that corporate events take place in can be a maze. For large events, dozens of staff are hired to simply hold signs and answer guest questions about where to go. With new and improved event maps, attendees are empowered to find their own way - hopefully they choose your breakout session over the pool!

New Job Title Alert - Event Technologist

With all of the new event technologies available, event managers can feel overwhelmed with the time that it takes, on top of their other responsibilities to learn what’s out there and how to use it.  Which is why we are seeing the emergence of the “Event Technologist” role at companies in the United Kingdom.

In the past, event management has been a job that includes a variety of manual, tedious tasks such as cross-checking hotel manifests and tracking attendee rsvps in excel.  Technology has increasingly made these time consuming tasks easier for event planners, but has also opened up the job role to a whole other list of tasks.

Event apps, attendee engagement and event roi tools are all common and almost mandatory at large scale events now and the burden of sourcing, learning and implementing these technologies is put on the event planner.  

Companies are beginning to split the traditional event management role into two separate positions, management of the event and then the technology aspects of the event. In 2020, expect to see an increase in this job opportunity. If you’re an event technologist in Leeds, check out Escape Room Races for your next corporate event.

Event Sustainability - it is a must in 2020

There are some impressive venues that are already making sustainability a priority, but not enough.  Thankfully more and more people are educating themselves on sustainability and putting some easy practices in place to do their part. 

Event managers are some of the busiest people you will come across.  So asking them to add another layer to their events such as sustainability is a big thing.  Obviously it's worth it and makes a huge difference in the events’ industry environmental footprint.

Event sustainability, consulting agencies are even starting to pop up. Expect to see some exciting developments in this new sector of the events industry in 2020. Regardless of where you choose to have your next team building event in Leeds, Escape Room Races comes to you to facilitate a successful corporate event your team will love.

Bleisure Travel - it's a big deal

Business and leisure combined… sounds like the perfect work life balance right?  If planned correctly, events that appeal to the bleisure traveller can be one of a kind and ultra productive.  Location and venue are the places to start when planning one of these high end events.  In 2020, expect a focus on venues and destinations that offer a variety of experiences and wellness benefits for attendees.  Venues that have experiential packages already made up for planners to quickly add on or book are going to do well in 2020.

Bleisure attendees want the work part of a conference to revolve around their day, not the other way around.  Flexible schedules that allow attendees to create their own bespoke agendas are becoming more and more popular. Working with a venue that has a variety of space to create these tandem breakouts is a must in 2020 as well.

All in all, it's going to be an exciting year for the event industry - like always.  Seems like the main focus is going to be on moving the industry forward and having fun - who could ask for more.  Looking for some ideas to get your team having more fun in 2020 - let us help and contact us today!

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