Four Tips for Improving Workplace Environment

What was 2019 like for your team? Were they energized and ready to take on new challenges? Or were they so ready for some time away from each other and to recharge. It’s normal to feel this way towards the end of a long work year, but how do you make sure this doesn’t carry over into the New Year?

What was 2019 like for your team?  Were they energized and ready to take on new challenges?  Or were they so ready for some time away from each other and to recharge.  It’s normal to feel this way towards the end of a long work year, but how do you make sure this doesn’t carry over into the New Year?  Providing employee engagement opportunities is an easy and proven way you can shake up a stale team vibe, so don’t wait, get started today with these four suggestions.

Take a Break

I know the team just came off of a long break, but I’m not talking about vacation or a solo walk around the block.  Every team needs a break together once in a while. Team building games are a great way for your group to take a break from their every day work but still work together, practice communication, and grow their problem solving skills. Long days of meetings, workplace conferences, or corporate events can become monotonous. Tired, bored employees dozing off during a lecture is not a successful environment for learning or growth. 

Taking some time off to engage in a team building activity is the perfect way to reset and gain the motivation needed to continue through the remainder of the meeting. Corporate event activities such as portable escape rooms are a fun way to breathe life into a stale workplace environment. Gathering more energy is a boost that helps you be more productive. Team building events wake up the brain, invigorate the mind, and give your team something to look forward to during your next workplace event. 

Help Manage Stress

Life and work can be stressful. From tight deadlines to paperwork, clients, and workplace drama, there’s a lot to grapple with. Workplace games and activities are a great way to blow off some steam. Most Millennials grew up playing games and enjoy the release games give them. Gaming releases dopamine in the brain providing motivation and signalling reward to the brain. For high-stress jobs or tedious work, games can be an essential coping mechanism.  Team building activities are a fun way to relax.

A happier team is a more efficient and productive team. Help combat stress and improve optimism by incorporating games and play into your routine or events. We love corporate event ideas like Escape Room Races, a mobile escape room game that encourages participants to play, think, have fun, and challenge themselves. When thinking of corporate event ideas, consider a portable escape room that comes to you for a fun, stress-releasing good time. Happy employees have higher performance and retention rates.  

Energize Your Team

People need something to be excited about.  When they feel like their day is broken up by something to look forward to, their drive to get something done increases.  Give your team something to look forward to this quarter.  Incorporating games into the workplace is something to get excited about. VR, escape room games, scavenger hunts, board game tournaments all give your employees something fun to look forward to. Find ways to incorporate games into the workplace as part of the regular schedule by having monthly off-campus get togethers or simply having a wide array of board games available in the break room for employees to enjoy during lunch time. 

Games help pick up the pace for those with waning energy and motivation, encouraging more productivity. Corporate team working games provide an extra benefit by improving communication between participants. The extra opportunity for bonding is a bonus. Better relationships make going to work more enjoyable. Workplace games to build teamwork and communication are an effective way to energize your team and recharge their social, emotional, and physical batteries.


Try New Things

You want your team to be able to look at issues in new ways, from different angles. Gaining perspective is part of problem solving and flexible thinking, which helps to increase productivity. Encourage your employees to step out of the box with activities like portable escape rooms or engaging scavenger hunts. It’s easy to become caught up in the daily grind, getting comfortable in a bubble. Shake things up. Mix up teams. Swap groups. It may be uncomfortable at first but employees will gain confidence when they tackle the challenge.

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