Host an engaging corporate event with Escape Room Races

When it comes to hosting corporate events for your clients and team, it can be a challenge to find new ideas that get everyone excited.

When it comes to hosting corporate events for your clients and team, it can be a challenge to find new ideas that get everyone excited. For internal events, the venue and activity you choose help set the tone for your office culture. As for client entertainment, your event needs to be enticing enough to compete with heading home at 5 p.m. for some R&R.

So how do you find these great events? Look no further than Escape Room Races, which takes the puzzles and strategy of an escape room, packages them up and brings them to the location of your choice for a fun corporate party. Over the last year, we’ve hosted a number of corporate events and have found our portable escape room is an effective tool for increasing engagement at four types of events: team building events, new hire and recruiting events, client entertainment events and networking events.

Team building events​​

During an Escape Room Races event, teams of 3 to 10 people work together to solve a series of puzzles using clues from their top-secret Escape Room Races boxes. The puzzles don’t rely on any electronics, so it forces people to put their phones away and communicate face to face. The puzzles require creative thinking, effective communication and teamwork, making it the perfect team-building event. And our customers agree!

"What a great experience! We booked Escape Room Races as a team building event for our National Sales Meeting for around 110 people. Since our event, our participants have been raving about this experience! It was fun, challenging and definitely had our groups working as a team — which was the sole purpose of the event. Also, working with Lauren was straightforward and easy. She and her team traveled from Chicago to California without hesitation. We will definitely hire them again!  Thank you!" –  Kelly, Financial Industry

New hire and recruiting events
Major national accounting firms, law firms and tech companies have used Escape Room Races as part of their interviewing, onboarding and training process. Hosting a fun and interactive escape room event not only introduces new employees to your team, but it shows off your great culture. Plus, escape rooms are very popular among millennials, making them perfect for recruiting events attended by young professionals. And if you’re recruiting college students, Escape Room Races is a dry event, so there’s no need to make special arrangements with the vendor.

Client entertainment​​

When inviting clients to an event, you’re competing with other vendor events, work and time spent at home with friends and family, so your event has to stand out. Skip the standard three-course dinner or happy hour and bond with your clients during an interactive event. It allows you to get to know your clients in a different way, and you’re sure to bond over the competition. It also acts as a great icebreaker if you’re entertaining new clients or prospects. Which brings us to our next event type.

Networking events

Without a fun and engaging icebreaker activity, networking events can fall flat. The puzzles and competition of an Escape Room Races event is the perfect way to introduce your guests and let them get to know one another. Whether you’re hosting a non-profit charity event, a school board meeting or a professional networking event, we’ve got the tools to help you create an engaging and memorable event.

"Your team was absolutely WONDERFUL! Our president and the entire Senior Leadership Team were RAVING about the experience!!! It was engaging, and exciting and it worked perfectly to bring us together. I can’t thank you enough!" –  Janeen, Tech Industry

Ready to try Escape Room Races for your next corporate event? Contact us to learn more about how we can help with engaging corporate events! 

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