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When it comes to corporate team building activities, there’s a rising trend that’s hard to miss: escape rooms. These events are gaining a lot of traction in the corporate world for good reason.

When it comes to corporate team building activities, there’s a rising trend that’s hard to miss: escape rooms. These events are gaining a lot of traction in the corporate world for good reason. During an escape room event, groups of three to six people enter a themed, small room and try to solve a series of puzzles to “escape the room.” These experiences require various members of an organization to work together as a team, think creatively, and communicate clearly and concisely. The only issues with escape rooms are the limitation on the number of people that can participate at any given time, and the logistics and cost of getting your entire company to an off-site location that may be inconvenient.

We’ve come up with a solution to these problems with Escape Room Races. In a nutshell, Escape Room Races takes the puzzles and strategy of an escape room, packages them up and brings them to the location of your choice for a fun and effective team building experience.

Your race options


We have two types of races for you to choose from. One is our outdoor experience available in downtown Chicago; the other is an indoor experience that we can set up at the venue of your choice anywhere across the country. Regardless of which experience you choose, the entire event will take no more than 75 minutes, including our game intro and rules overview. Once we kick off the race, most teams finish between 30 and 60 minutes.

Like most escape rooms, our races have a theme. The galactic boarder has been breached, and aliens have invaded your city. (Eek!) Participants will need to solve a series of puzzles left by the aliens in order to save the planet. But don’t worry about prepping your team with alien-fighting tools; we’ll provide everything you need for a successful race.

How it works

Before your event, we ask that you split your employees up into teams of 3 to 10 people. We find that this event is most successful when people from different departments and social circles are paired together. Each person on the team should feel like they can take the reins and lead the group at any point in the race. When a team is comprised of people from the same department, participants may fall into established reporting roles.

When the day of your event rolls around, an Escape Room Races rep will kick off the event by handing out the top-secret Escape Room Races boxes and giving a short rundown of the rules. We’re happy to customize this rundown with company messaging or employee shout-outs so everyone has a unique and personalized experience. From there, we start the clock and let everyone loose.


If you choose the indoor race, we ask that you set up tables for each team in advance, so when the race begins, they can drop their boxes and start solving the puzzles. We’ll also set up various “forensics labs” and “evidence stations” with clues that will help participants solve the puzzles.  

For the outdoor race, teams will race towards their first clue. Participants will rely on the Escape Room Races boxes as well as local architecture and landmarks to find clues. However, all clues are set up so that no prior knowledge of the city is required to play.

The goal of the event is to solve all the puzzles and make it to the finish line before any other team. In either race, the “finish line” location will be shared at the start of the race, and an Escape Room Races rep will be stationed there for the entirety of the event. If a team is truly stumped on a puzzle, they can head to the finish line and get a clue from the rep.


Once the final puzzle has been solved, the team will race to the finish line, where our rep will share their time – and their placement among other teams. We’ll take a team picture with fun signs that are customized for your group. Our rep will then direct each team back to their tables or to a specified meeting place if you’re planning to set up drinks or treats for your team. Once everyone has finished the race — or after 60 minutes — we’ll hand out customized trophies to the winning team.

From there, the rest of your event is up to you! But we always recommend going out for a drink to celebrate saving the world.

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