How to boost team morale and creativity.

Keeping your team on task and excited about coming to the office every day is challenging to say the least. There are many factors that contribute to a team becoming run down and company culture declining. We’ve been hosting corporate team building events in Chicago, New York City, Dallas and more for years. Working closely with business owners, managers and employees, we consider ourselves experts in corporate team building. Here are a few of our top tips for keeping the office vibes positive and ideas fresh.

The “Two-Pizza” Rule

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has this one strategy that he consistently applies in all of his teams: He makes sure that an individual team doesn’t exceed the number of people that can finish two pizzas. He emphasizes the importance of quantity appropriation in the effectiveness of teams.

During our corporate escape room events and activities, we use the same small team approach. Participants are gathered into small, manageable groups for better communication and teamwork as they solve their way through portable escape room puzzles.

If people are in a larger party, it’s harder to get into an intimate conversation as opposed to attending a dinner party with a smaller group of people. The greater number of members are in a group at a time, the more shallow their interaction gets. Additionally, if people are not bound together with positive similarities, they simply would not get each other. Just like any good leader, Jeff makes sure that his teams are close to each other, bound together by candid moments and learning experiences. Read "10 Unique Team Building Ideas Useful for Your Business" for more information.

Health + Fitness

Making sure your team members stay in good shape can do wonders — especially if you help them stay fit together, not just in a physical sense, but in terms of their well-being and relationships with each other. Escape Room Races makes this possible by providing an avenue for physical and mental activities through challenging puzzles and outdoor activities. Our escape room races are they perfect activity for your next corporate event because they encourage mental and physical activity.

Corporate events have historically revolved around bottles of wine, four-course meals and late nights at work. While not an entirely bad deal, some health nuts might see networking events and client events as unnecessary calories and a missed workout. For those of you who fall into this camp, you’ll love the latest trend in corporate events—sweatworking. And for those of you who started sweating thinking about attending one of these events, stick with us, because you might be surprised to see how effective they could be for your business.

You’ve no doubt figured out that sweatworking is a combination of sweat and networking, but what you might not know is that it’s something businesses have done, on some level, for decades. While sweatworking may sometimes manifest itself in a spin or barre class, it also includes more low-key activities like golfing. Anything that gets you out of your desk chair and into a more active setting is a form of sweatworking. For example, our outdoor escape room experience in Chicago sends participants on an exciting outdoor scavenger hunt. As they travel from place to place, they collect clues and unravel their escape room mystery. It’s a great way to get your employees out of their chairs and into the fresh air for a truly unique and fun physical and mental challenge.

​Whether you’re entertaining clients or prospects, bonding with your team or recruiting top talent, sweatworking provides a number of benefits, from seeing how hard potential employees can push themselves to chemically increasing your client’s likelihood of saying yes to your pitch. Here are just a few of the many benefits of sweatworking.


Form deeper connections

Sweatworking removes the stuffiness and sheen of office life. You become less focused on niceties and appearances, instead focusing on achieving a goal. Sweatworking also puts your relationship in the fast lane, speeding up the time needed to form connections and build trust.  By throwing on your gym clothes, exerting yourself and sweating, you become more vulnerable in front of your clients and co-workers. The result is deeper bonds and a relationship that grows much more quickly than if formed over steak dinners and bottles of wine. We see this firsthand as we watch corporate escape room participants use effective communication and teamwork to solve complex puzzles together.


Skip the small talk

Sweatworking is where introverts shine. Many feel anxious trying to generate conversation while holding a drink, so sweatworking or active networking helps level the playing field. The activity offers something to focus on and talk about, allowing conversation to flow naturally rather than being forced. Both introverts and extroverts will feel comfortable meeting new people and connecting when the pressure to dazzle is removed.


Promote positive vibes

Sweatworking may actually chemically increase your chances of getting a positive response from your clients. Working out increases your production of endorphins, which boosts your energy, confidence and feelings of euphoria. Once your brain starts releasing endorphins, you have a better chance of connecting with another person and positive responses become your default. So if you’re trying to close a sale, have your client break a sweat before you start your pitch. Exercising also increases brain power, so many executives are hosting sweatworking brainstorm sessions to get the creative juices flowing.


Challenge them in fun ways.

When it comes to problem solving in a work environment, your brain works extra hard.  Here you bring in a whole new element, "the team factor."  Working in teams is really challenging for some and takes practice to become better at communication and working with others.

Here is where the good ol' fashion team building event comes into play.  Employers want to challenge their employees, keep them on their toes and churning out A+ work.  They want them to feel a part of a team, heard, challenged by co-workers but also that they are being efficient by working together.  This is the Unicorn of the corporate environment.  Rarely does this happen naturally or without practice.

But how do you practice being better at working together as a team if you don't work well together as a team to begin with?  It's like the chicken and the egg, which comes first?  At Escape Room Races, we think the key to this is making puzzles and teamwork fun, creative and new. Our portable escape room challenge is the perfect mix of the fun of a scavenger hunt and the challenge of an escape room.

Team building events have been around the block and there are some horrible ones out there. How many times have you gone bowling or to happy hour?  No actual team building happens at these events.  At Escape Room Races we have combined a brain workout with team communication exercises in a new and creative way.  Your team will actually learn skills for working together better in a unique, competitive and fun environment. And, with both indoor escape room experiences for a corporate meeting hall, office or event and outdoor escape room options, we take the headache out of the planning process.

So try it out, next time you go to book something for your team, do something memorable.  We can help - contact us today!

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