Top 3 summer corporate event trends of 2019

The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and it’s starting to feel like summer is within reach.

The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and it’s starting to feel like summer is within reach. Which means it’s time to starting thinking about summer events. To help you prepare, we scoured the internet to find the biggest 2018 summer event trends, and we have to say, this summer’s going to be a good one. If you’re starting to plan your summer events, be sure to check out the top 3 summer event trends below to ensure your event is a hit.

Make it interactive

​​Whether it’s a conference, a company retreat or sales meeting with clients, people are demanding interactive events and experiential activities. There are three main reasons this trend has emerged—and why it’s in your best interest to jump on it.

Over the last few years, millennials have been prioritizing experiences over stuff. They’re less interested in walking away from your event with cool swag or a customized item, and more interested in walking away with a cool story. If your event in Insta-worthy, it’s a hit.

If you’re hosting a longer event like a conference or daylong seminar, your guests need a brain break. In order to consume and retain all the information you’re throwing at them, they need a minute to step away and attend a fun networking hour or team-building game before stepping back in to lectures.

Finally, with the plethora of ways that people can digitally attend an event, you need a unique, experiential activity to actually get them to attend your event in person. Otherwise, they have little incentive to put on a suit and travel to your event. 

Whip up non-alcoholic craft drinks

Alcohol is no longer a necessary part of a great drink. With an increase in the production and consumption of craft coffee drinks, craft sodas and wellness drinks, more and more events are serving non-alcoholic specialty drinks. These mocktails are especially great for recruiting events or corporate team-building events where younger interns will be involved. It’s also a great option for those who are on a summertime health kick or aren’t big drinkers, but still want to enjoy a refreshing summer beverage. If you’re hosting an in-office event, check out these summer mocktail recipes.

Find unique or outdoor venues

The emphasis on non-traditional spaces in the travel and retail industry has started to seep into the events industry. Much like the obsession with Airbnb-style lodging and pop-up retail shops, event attendees are not long satisfied with ballrooms, restaurants and conference rooms. Corporate event planners and event planning companies are now pressured to look for unique, non-traditional spaces that wow attendees the moment they step inside—or outside. And many event vendors, like Escape Room Races, are altering their offerings to become more portable and self-reliant.

Because Escape Room Races comes to the venue of your choice and has outdoor offerings in Chicago, it makes the perfect add-on to an event in a non-traditional space. For more information or to book your event contact us.

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