University events and alumni reunion ideas

Finding fun, engaging and affordable events for your college or university programs can pose a challenge.

Finding fun, engaging and affordable events for your college or university programs can pose a challenge. You need something that’s unique, engaging and appeals to a wide variety of people without breaking the bank or traveling off campus. The portable escape room from Escape Room Races offers a great solution for college and university events. Here are a few ways that Escape Room Races events engage your guests no matter who you’re bringing together.

Alumni reunions

After spending 10, 20 or 50 years apart, alumni are simultaneously filled with excitement about seeing old friends and experiencing anxiety about filling the evening with stimulating conversation once everyone’s caught up. With an Escape Room Races event, the interactive game is engaging and provides a focus for conversation, so the dialogue flows freely. Also, the event only lasts an hour, giving participants plenty of time to catch up and connect before and after the game.  

Graduate student events

​The Escape Room Races event gives your grad students a break from their studies and encourages them to connect with other students. The Alien Invasion event is creative and fun, offering students a nice break from the grind of grad school. For programs that are just ramping up, the event also fosters team bonding. Groups of 3 to 8 work as a team to solve escape room­–style puzzles, which builds communication, leadership and team-building skills.

New student orientations

If you’re planning a new student orientation, a majority of the attendees are presumably underage, so hosting a happy hour at the local bar isn’t exactly an option. Escape Room Races’ portable game is a dry event, so it’s appropriate for all ages. And because escape rooms tend to be popular among millennials, your students are sure to love the event. The game also acts as an icebreaker, so students will get to know each other more quickly than relying on small talk alone. And the team bonding aspect will bring the incoming Freshman class together, forming friendships before the first day of school.

Networking events

If you’re hosting a networking event for alumni or seniors, an escape room will take your event to the next level. It provides a great way for professionals to test alumni or students to see if they’re a good fit for a professional relationship in the future. An Escape Room Races event is also fairly inexpensive at $45 per person plus tax, so you’re able to invite a larger group without worrying about running out of funds.

Best of all, the Escape Room Races event comes to the location of your choice. So whether you want to host an event on campus, at a local bar or event space, or outdoors, Escape Room Races can meet your needs. For more information or to book your event contact us.

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